Build To Lock Up

Building to lock-up stage offers our clients greater control over the finishing stages of the construction of their new home. It appeals to clients who want to owner build but want the support of an experienced builder and those who have access to trade or renovation experience. It doesn’t just have to be building to lock-up stage, we offer construction to a range of different stages to suit our client’s needs and skill sets.

Apartment Renovations

Central Avenue Homes offers apartment renovations, redeveloping pre-existing sites and adding new features, designing new possibilities and functions for the existing apartments. Central Avenue Homes adds value to standing apartment sites, providing new features, custom builds and more. Get in contact with us today to find out more.

Custom Built Homes

Our custom homes are made to be personal to the individual home owner. We spend our time making sure you love the custom home you build with us, ensuring that it is the right home that you will live in for a long time! Safe, warm and personal homes to make sure you live where you want!

We are very conscious of the world around us! We make sure all of our designs and builds are not only personal to the individual, but we make sure that our designs keep up to date with the most modern designs and building trends available. We keep up to date on everything that is available in the home design world!

Industry Insights

Take a look into the home design and construction world. Look into our industry and see what there is out there to build your new home!

Narrow Lot Homes

Not all properties are made equal. Some are thing and narrow and require a different kind of home design to fill it. See how we adapt our services to build these more difficult home designs. If your property is narrow and difficult to build on, Central Avenue Homes is the right place to go!

Top Floor First - Fastest 2-Storey Build Method

We are helping to introduce a fantastic new service that is revolutionising the home building industry. We take away months of work and thousands in costs! Building the top storey of a property first on ground level, we then lift the entire building off the ground and build the second storey underneath! This saves scaffolding costs, crane costs, working with heights permits and so much more! This new system is taking over the industry. See how we can use it to build your home below!